Create a job

This endpoint allows you to create a new job record.
NEW :: We have now the possibility to add multiple offices on the same job offer via the attribute "offices". Note that we keep the retro-compatibility with the attribute "office"
In the required parameters, you have to call this endpoint with AT LEAST ONE of the following attributes:
  • office_id
  • office_address
  • office_zip_code
  • office_city (mandatory for creation)
  • office_country_code (mandatory for creation)
If the related office is not found from the previous parameters, we will try to create the office if the following conditions are respected:
  • access to offices_rw scope
  • all mandatory attributes to create an office: office_city and office_country_code
This endpoint requires jobs_rw scope.
create job
Request example
curl -X POST "" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-H "Authorization: Bearer WK_API_KEY" \
-d @- <<EOF
"status": "published",
"organization_reference": "Pg4eV6k",
"profession_reference": "sales",
"name": "Fake Job",
"company_description": "Fake Company Description.",
"description": "Fake Job Description.",
"profile": "Fake Job Profile",
"contract_type": "FULL_TIME",
"language": "en",
"salary_min": "30000",
"salary_max": "40000",
"salary_currency": "EUR",
"salary_period": "yearly",
"remote": "fulltime",
"offices": [
{"id": 1234},
{"city": "Paris", "country_code": "fr"}
"education_level": "BAC_5",
"experience_level": "1_TO_2_YEARS",
"apply_url": "",
"start_date": "2016-09-01",
"external_reference": "PROVIDER_REFERENCE",
"cms_sites_references": "wttj_fr,smgo_fr"